Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Coal and Columbia Cocktail

Everything flows downriver....
Everything in the river flows downward, or toward, the ocean.

But not on this part of the river.

This part of the river has an upriver side----pointing inland towards many cities of Oregon and Washington.
And there is a down river side of an ocean with extreme 10 foot changes in water depth every 6 hours...

Constant change.

The tides bring in huge amounts of water from the ocean.

Combine two forces of incoming and outgoing water and you get a very unstable and large mass of liquid moving around

Whip and chap.
Spit and foam.
Burning face.
Rain drops thrown into your eyedrops.

NOW...throw a few football fields of coal into that mixed drink.

A few football fields of coal dumped right in the middle of the deepest and fastest channel of that river.

......Couldn't possibly be of any good.


I hear they are soon going to be shipping coal out of Longview, Washington.

The coal will be shipped to China.
The company (they) who owns the coal, and is using Longview's port, is from Australia.


Hope they appreciate the coal in China and enjoy spending the profit from it in Australia?

And I now have to watch all that coal ship right on out to the ocean via the river flowing in front of my house.

A lot of ships have sank in the ocean river mouth here.
It is called 'the graveyard of the Pacific Ocean'.
The jaws of the Columbia river.....two jettys guiding the ships to the extreme ocean conditions.

So if a ship full of coal does ever go down.....and it will......what is the consequence?

That is a lot of coal in one spot of a river.

Just wondering.

The river here comes in and that slowly disintegrating coal will go up the river-------- and then down again.

Just wondering.


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