Friday, December 24, 2010

Shameless repost

Reposting this video because it is way too inspiring.
Kids from San Diego---a metro vibe surf utopia.
They ride chunks of foam.
These boys sand divets, bumps, lines and scratches into the foam...just to see how they ride.

It's about time something f'ing inspiring came out of the surf world in Southern California.
Sorry---the so called retro longboard stylists are not doing it for me.
And just because you have a new stick carved by a local boy does not make you any better than the guy riding the epoxy pop my opinion.
I gravitate towards the outcasts.
Estrangement in surfing seems pretty normal to me....having grown up surfing freezing cold water since I was 8 in Oregon.
Personally, I like the crazy folk in the water.
It's all about riding anyways.

Lord Board from Hydrodynamica on Vimeo.

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