Friday, April 30, 2010

It's not a fair world...

Never will be.
It's not a complaint.
It's a fact.
Some bugs only live 48 hours.
If they had a brain to think about it they would have the potential to fall into the trap of victim mentality.

Some people are born with defects.
Some have a smart parent, and a dumb parent, and they unfortunately got the dumb parent genes.
Some think one can inherit the genes of alcoholism.
And others believe that a person can be born edified by God from the day of their entrance into the world.
Some are born into a wealthy bloodline.
While others are born into despair and famine.
On and on we can go...........with the unfairness of life.

But there is a miracle in the fact that our heart keeps beating when we sleep.
There is a miracle in the fact that we all have the ability to create.
We all have the ability to express thoughts and ideas.

There is a miracle in the fact that we as humans can even comprehend these things.
It is that same 'miracle of thought' that allows us to 'question our existence'.
And if you start questioning you run the risk of labeling yourself as a victim.

But we are all a scientific miracle.

The sun comes up----the moon goes down-----and some scientists say that if this process was even .25 of an inch out of whack we would all perish.

It's a delicate balance.
So some things do need to break down, work inefficiently, and change.

Change is inevitable.
And because of this inevitable change there will always be cause and effect.

It's spring.
Plants make flowers to attract bees and hummingbirds.
They don't question their existence?

Everything around the yard is literally exploding with colors---and of course green.
The yard needs mowed twice a week.
The plants don't stop and complain about the mower....the grass just keeps growing.

The salmon are running.
The bald eagles are hunting in the bay in front of the house.
The salmon don't slap their tails in disgust of the fact that they are being hunted by birds. They just keep pushing to the spawning grounds up the river.

Migrations of bright colored goldfinch birds, doves, and chickadees are swarming the yard.
My cat jumped from the bushes yesterday and snatched one from the bird feeder.
The remaining birds didn't write a letter to the local newspaper demanding cat control.
The birds simply keep coming back to the feeders.

In some ways they are blessed that they DON'T reason their own existence.
Or maybe they are even more fortunate than we know and they are smart enough to know that questioning is a complete waste of time?

The ocean is dark with the color of algae blooms which are the primary source of food for millions of fish.

A few days ago I watched nice waves peel into shore with that algae in the face of the waves.
A surfer turned to me and complained------very boldly.

"I drove all the way here from Portland to find shit in the water" he said.

I refrained.

My surfboard has fresh wax rubbed on it from a couple of fun sessions with friends.
The winds are starting to blow from the northwest----ushering in spring with freshness.

We ate clams yesterday which we dug from our beach.
We also ate sockeye salmon from last falls run.
And even some lasagna with deer meat from a deer literally captured in the back yard.

Life may not be fair.
But in the end it is balanced.
Just gotta learn to fit into the grooves we were cut out for.

The very fact that you can read this on a computer is testament to the miracle of your own sight.

So get out there and go find some good views.

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