Thursday, February 4, 2010

More on the attempt to ban commercial fishing on the Columbia River.

A completely sustainable harvest of fresh wild fish----in our beautiful state.

Sport fisherman want to have all the salmon to themselves.
So they are telling horrible lies about gillnetting and attempting to set themselves up as saviors to our amazing salmon.

But they are not saviors.
In fact sport fisherman killed so many endangered fish in 2009 that Oregon and Washington department of fish and wildlife told to stop fishing....or face penalty.

The sport fisherman are a large group with a lot of money---and they are financially backed by big oil companies like Exxon who also want commercial fishing "out of the way" for other ventures.

If the law is voted on by the general public of Oregon it could be a horrible case of misinformed votes--------even though the voters are only trying to do what is best.

To clear up the MYTH about gillnetters 'killing endangered species of wild salmon' you can see this video clearly defines how we MUST revive wild stock salmon (born in the wild and not tagged) and release them to the wild again.

We commercial salmon fisherman want nothing more than to have the salmon runs grow to historic levels.
It would mean more salmon for everyone and an opportunity for us all to earn a little better living too.

Don't sign ANY petition or vote for anything regarding commercial fishing on the Columbia river until you look deeper into the subject and are sure to listen to both sides of the story.

This video is hosted by fisherman Darren Crookshank who demonstrates the revival process of wild salmon.

It is important to note that 93% of the fish we catch were hatchery born and bred fish, not native fish which we gladly put back in the river.

It is also most important to note that a hook and line sport fisherman will fight the fish all the way to the edge of the boat and they are NOT required to revive the fish. Many times a sport fisherman catches a fish, fights it to the boat, unhooks it and it floats away.

In addition, hook caught salmon commonly swallow the hook and it kills them when the hook is removed. Even though the sport fisherman puts the fish back in the water.

Sport fishing is not innocent ----though they claim to be.

Tanglenet Fishing on the Columbia River: A Sustainable Fishery from Lawrence Johnson on Vimeo.

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